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Business Card

March 21, 2017

The next creative job my Year 11's got to do was to create a business card in Adobe Photoshop. I gave them 1 week (4 lessons) to complete the task. They had a lesson to create a practice business card, a lesson to research and plan their designs and a lesson or two to create their own business card.


First of all we talked about what a business card is and how it forms part of a businesses marketing and advertising strategy. We then looked at a few existing designs and analysed the layouts, colour schemes and use of fonts.


Next, we worked through the following tutorials for some practice.





























The students didn't have too many problems getting through the tutorials as most of them had quite a bit of previous Photoshop experience.


It was now time for the students to create their own Business cards. I gave them the freedom in that they could design one for themselves or a fictional business or person. Most chose to do themselves.  I gave them a design brief of what information they needed to include on the card and they had to use their logo that they created in Illustrator the previous week.  


 I did the Photoshop tutorials up during the school holidays and I sent the designs to Vistaprint to get printed because I wanted to show the students that if they wanted to they could actually get their designs off the computer screen and printed (and pretty cheaply also). I passed the business cards around the room and I believe that by having the physical example present that it really motivated them to work extra hard on their own designs.


Here are some examples of the students work. They look fantastic! Well done guys..............


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