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Project Year 10 Video With Special Effect

June 27, 2017

The project for my Year 10 Multimedia class this term was to create a short 1-2 minute video using Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects. Their videos had to incorporate a special effect. The special effect that the students chose to use in the example i have included in this blog is the "Muzzle Flash"  which is the flashing of the front of a gun when it shoots (I dont have a video tutorial of the technique yet but there are plenty on Youtube). Anyway, I set them the following parameters for the project


They had to create their own storyline and choose a genre

An animated introduction title created in Adobe After Effects

Closing credits created in Premiere Pro or After Effects

One instance of a special effect learnt in class

Colour graded

A variety of shot types

Continuity editing

letterboxed footage


We learnt about and practiced the above techniques in class which you can see and read about in my previous Year 10 blog posts. 


I got the students to complete the planning and production stages in a small group and then it was up to each individual to edit the clips together in their own unique ways. 


In the planning stage the groups had to research the genre and style of short movies that would inspire their projects. Next they collaborated on writing the script together and drew up the storyboards.



I encouraged the students to use 2 or 3 cameras to film their productions so that they could film the same action from multiple shots and angles. By doing so, this enabled them to use the techniques that they learnt in the continuity editing exercise really easily as all the shots were filmed at exactly the same time.  The group whose video example i have included the blog used our Canon 700d DSLR camera as their primary camera, a students mobile phone for the second camera and they got very creative and used a go pro so that they could get point of view shots. They also set up the GoPro camera on the beams on the ceiling so that the footage would mimic a security cameras camera which was very creative! 


The video included is also an excellent example of how music and sound effects combined with well shot visuals can be very powerful tools in telling a story.  

 Great work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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